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At long last, our search has come to a close. We have
finally found our singer. Keoni Lambert, who, like the
rest of Take The Time, is a member of the AVPA, sang
with us for the first time in concert at Java Drama IX
on May 22nd. Since then, Keoni has performed with us
on every night of Java Drama. We are currently working
on new material with Keoni, which should be released in E.P.
format by September or October. Welcome to the band Keoni!

- Ben -


Right now, I am working on engineering our live
performance at CulverPalooza during 2002. It's been
a while since that show, but those tracks are gonna
be great. They will be posted on the site as soon as
they are ready.

-  Ben -


Wow, I took so long to add news to the site. I guess not
too much has happened to TTT for a few months now.

On a very happy note, I am glad to be able to announce
that G, our former guitarist, has rejoined Take The Time.
His decision came after a period of good feelings between
myself, G, and Will during our tenure as band members for a
local musical  theater production of The Who's Tommy.
Welcome back G!

- Ben -

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