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Will, the bass player, has been playing for 5 years. He has
studied with  several teachers, the most recognizable
being Bunny Brunel. He loves wearing tight clothes and his hair almost
as much as girls. He makes rice... good fried rice! 
His main influences are Les Claypool, Michael Manring, Tool, Coheed
and Cambria, John Myung, Yes, Rush, JACO PASTORIUS,
his idol Ken Floyd (eighteen visions) and T (you know)   

Will's Favorite...

 Band: Tool
 Food: Anything Asian (not Indian because thats not Asian)
 Color: "T"eal
Store: Banana Republic
Venue: Troubadour
Book: Choke
Movie: Fight Club
Kind of Girl: White Girls for sure...the good lookin' ones

Will's Rig:

Peavey G-bass 4 string custom modified- black with chrome hardware
Carvin 6 string Custom- Black with gold hardware
Custom made Fender-style P-bass 4string- black with black hardware and blue pickguard
Peavey 1X15 Bass amp
Zoom FX pedal
Planet Waves Cables
Carvin and GHS strings 

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