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Before founding Take The Time, Ben Sieke
had been in several local bands, two
of which included TTT bassist WIll Inohara.
Though Take The Time is Ben's primary focus,
he often plays with Audri Tapia and Ben Lowe, and
has also played with Flavor of Love and Joy & Josiah Moore.
Ben's musical influences include Dream Theater,
Pantera, Nirvana, other alternative rock and metal bands.

Ben's Favorite...

Band: Dream Theater
Food: Pizza
Color: Black
Store: Surplus Store
Venue: Palladium
Book: Butter Battle by Dr. Seuss
Movie: Matrix
Kind of Girl: Ashley!!!

Ben's Set:

5 pc. Pearl Export kit in Deep Blue
Paiste, ZIldjian and Sabian Cymbals
Pearl & Gibraltar Hardware
Pearl Eliminator Pedals
Evans Heads
Vater Drumsticks

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